[The Warning Series, Part 1] Beware of Such “Disguised” Books of Fitnah Written by Muslims!!!

I once remember seeing one of my cousins reading this book and recently I got to see the cover which reminded me of this. I got curious and went over the synopsis of the book and I was extremely shocked, not only the title of the book is insulting to the girls who wear Hijab with also sarcastically mentioning it as just “a piece of cloth” in the synopsis but it provides indecision to their mind regarding the real purpose of wearing the Hijab.

I am even more surprised to find that this book has actually been well received by Muslim women who had given their positive reviews of this book at Goodreads.

Copy of Long Way Home (6)

Apparently, our protagonist in this book is in the dilemma of keeping up to her faith and then again wondering how she is going to attract the most appealing guy in class with that. People, those who possess such distorted thoughts, be sure that they are not actually keeping up to their faith rather they are deceiving themselves with their delusional thoughts. The veiling of women is more than just a “piece of cloth”, it came in as an honor and a protection for the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad (saw.) and if you possess convoluted thoughts regarding whether wearing it makes you less attractive to the handsome guys, then miss, I am sorry to state that you are not strong in faith rather you are victimized by its insufficiency. You have no right to draw guys, apart from your husband, near you with your beauty. This was the same sin committed by the women born from Kabil or Cain who used their beauty to draw the men of Prophet Seth (as.) towards them; similarly Zulekha tried to draw Prophet Yusuf (as.) towards her but then Allah saved him. And if you are worried over the notion that you won’t be able to get the right guy then know this that if you are strong in faith, Allah promises you in the Holy Quran that He will provide you with the best possible spouse according to your strength in faith. He mentions:

“Corrupt women are for corrupt men, and corrupt men are for corrupt women; good women are for good men and good men are for good women. The good are innocent of what has been said against them; they will have forgiveness and a generous provision.”

-Surah An Nur, Ayah 26 (24:26) Translation: Abdul Haleem

I would recommend my good sisters never to go near such books of fitnah, can’t believe this was actually written by a Muslim who went into sharing her own corrupted thoughts.

A piece of advice: If you want to write stories and you feel like they don’t go along with our religion, it is best you don’t mention the religion. I myself do sometimes write horror, mystery, criminal stories and sometimes they even go into mentioning sensitive matters. My purpose is to let people know about the reality we live in but since these stories don’t have religion involved with them, I don’t pull religion into it For those who know me better, they even know that I am also an Islamic author and even runs an Islamic blog. I have distinct writing styles in creating both my fictional as well as my non-fictional works but I am careful enough to never mix up religion with my fictional ones and the fictional ones are not written in the way to conflict of my religion. So people be aware of such fictional novels, there are plenty of such examples in the market nowadays, the problem with such books is that they provide self-doubts to our brothers and sister who are dedicated to their faith, additionally they may also drive away potential good Muslims from enriching their faith.

May Allah protect us from the fitnah of such books, Ameen.

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