Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, I start by the name of Allah, the Al-Mighty…

Every week Friday comes and for us Muslims, Friday is very crucial in the sense we have our Jummah prayers. Along with the Jummah prayers we have our weekly sermons. What happens is that most of us tend to forget the sermons delivered by the Imams. So I thought of this system of writing down all the sermons so that the knowledge we gain gets preserved. Furthermore the sisters who are mostly unable to attend the Jummah prayer in many country do not get the chance to learn from the weekly sermons. The males can easily record their learning and teach the women at their home.

All the sermons are from the Imams from the Masjids I attend weekly and the Hadiths mentioned are from their own sermons. Sometimes the Imams may tend to refer to weak Hadiths, I have tried my best to classify them as much as possible. Any errors detected should be notified and it will be highly appreciated if I get to hear all my readers’ feedback. May Allah have mercy upon us all and may we get guided to the Straight Path, Ameen.

For any Islamic queries, do email at: weeklykhutbah@gmail.com


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  1. I am praying for the meaningless killing to stop. the murder of the innocent solves NOTHING ! I challenge the Peaceful Muslims to step forward and condemn the killing !!

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