Write For Us

We are proud to introduce a new feature to our blog which is that from now on we will be allowing our readers to contribute their Khutbahs which will get published in this blog. Here are the guidelines for submitting the Khutbahs:

  1. Please mention the name and location of the Masjid from where you heard the Khutbah.
  2. Disclosing your name is not necessary but if you want, you can do so.
  3. You can send us pics of the Masjid you are attending or other relevant pics related to the topic you are covering.
  4. Please provide the references of the Quranic quotes and the Hadiths you are mentioning. We will be the ones to check out its authenticity, so you don’t need to worry over that.
  5. All the articles need to be more than 500 words to get published.
  6. The Weekly Khutbah team reserves the right to edit your article but In Shaa Allah, no article will be left unpublished as we do not want to discourage our contributors, feel free to write whatever you want, just be sure you write it right!
  7. Have fun while writing as we sincerely await your submission

Those who are great at writing may even get the chance to be included in The Weekly Khutbah Team!!!

Send us your articles at: weeklykhutbah@gmail.com

We sincerely await for your articles, may Allah bless us with more knowledge of the Deen, Ameen. 🙂